Is there an age requirement?

Nope! All ages are welcome :)

Who do you work with?

I work with wonderful humans, women or men,

  • who are facing the uncertainty of long term or chronic illness and help them take their power back, reconnect with who they are and find a way to live with it without sacrificing joy and fullfillement in life
  • who are family members, friends or partners of someone who lives with a chronic illness to help them in how to best support their loved one
  • who find themselves on a spiritual quest but feel like the 'black sheep' to find their true most authentic empowered self on their individual ascension journey

These wonderful humans are from all walks of life, other coaches, students, homemakers...

Is the Chronic Healing Program applicable for any chronic illness and con I join if I am undiagnosed?

Absolutely! I myself have cholinergic urticaria, but the tools and guidance received in this program can be used on ANY chronic illness journey (mental health issues included). And 100% yes you can join if you are dealing with undiagnosed chronic symptoms and pain. I have been there myself multiple times and there is no rating system when it comes to illness, in no regard you need to be 'sick enough' to get support!


How will sessions take place and what if I can't make a session?

Sessions for one of my 3-month programs or my single services will take place online via Zoom. Therefore you need a reliable internet connection. If you wish the sessions can take place over the phone alternatively. In case you can't make a session (this goes out especially to my chronic illness warriors, I know life can be very unpredictable) I have a 24h cancelaltion policy and we can reschedule to another date. However there will be no refund.

Can I afford it? Moneywise and timewise?

Let's go straight to the nitty gritty, yes I take money for my services and depending on your life situation right now, this might be a lot of money or not so much. The thing is we are conditioned to always measure money with what we get for it and with that instant feeling of pleasure and gratification like buying some new clothes, a new car or booking that dream holiday.


That is what is known, predictable. But in this comfort zone no change will happen, no growth will happen. So the question is: what do you want? Instant gratification or long lasting change? Working with me is an investment in your future self and to become that new you you need the courage to step out of your comfort zone and take consistent aligned action. I know what I am talking about. Been there. Done it. Feels f*** scary but is freaking worth it.


I can't tell you how our journey together will unfold but I know one thing for sure: the person that you will become in some month from now would take the leap with me ;)


* if you are REALLY struggling financially at the moment and have no means to bring about the money please reach out and I am happy to discuss special payment plans


And last but not least: how much time should you count in? Apart from our video sessions I might give you journaling exercises, rituals or practices that you can incorporate into your daily life.