Get started with an introductory call

During this 1/2 hour call we will:

  • discuss your biggest challenges and pain points as you navigate life
  • talk about your current number 1 priority
  • decide whether or not my 3-month Program is the right fit for you or not

If after our session you decide to work with me in one of my 3-month programs the 55€ will be credited to the total amount of the Program.


*Please be aware that I cannot offer any kind of specific guidance during this brief introductory call. See it as an opportunity for me to learn about your life situation, for you to learn about how I can help you and for us both to decide together if and how we want to move forward.





To book your call please reach out to me via the button below, once we scheduled a time I need you to confirm your booking by making payment. And then just relax and take some deep breaths! This time is for you and I am so looking forward to learning more about you and how I can serve you. Please note I am happy to find a way to make all time zones possible ;)