Chronic Healing Program

A three-month program that helps you heal yourself, reprogram your mind and release energy blockages


'We don't know what caused it...'


'It's permanent...'


'You have to live the rest of your life with it...'


'Better you change your plans for the future...'


And in each of these moments you felt the earth cracking beneath you. Your breath stopped for a while. You felt how your power is taken away from you.


You wished it would feel like a punch in the gut but instead it feels like passing out while still being alive.


I've done so much, racing from one therapy to another, seeking different healing modalities all over the world and yet looking backward I know that there is one thing I missed the most.


I wish I would have had someone who deeply understands how I feel and what it is like to live with a chronic health condition. Someone to help process what my diagnosis meant for me and to navigate my life int these sudden new unknown and unchartered territories while keeping the faith and the strength to never stop truly living life and thriving for my soul's highest divine purpose here on Earth.



Through my 1:1 coaching I help YOU find acceptance, confidence, inner growth and self-compassion on your chronic illness journey through heart-centered mindset work & spiritual guidance.




You feel sick and tired of being sick and tired


You are stressed, overwhelmed and stuck in a rut


You had your life planned out and now all is unknown


You feel you tried it all and nothing helps


+ No one really understands what your life is like


The uncertainty  keeps you in loops of anxiety


You don't know what feels best for you anymore


Your future feels scary and you lost all hope


You lost your confidence and your self-worth


You think you are a complete failure


+ You just want to get back to being you again -

     but who is that?


I created the Chronic Healing Program to give you the support system and intuitive guidance I wish that I had when I was diagnosed with my chronic illness and several other health issues. During this Program I'll be that Ally for you I would have needed when I was desperately trying to wrap my head around what 'a life with chronic illness' meant for me, my loved ones and my future ahead.


I spent years trying to figure it all out for myself, getting stuck in negative beliefs of unworthiness over and over again, learning to recognise the subtle symptoms and controlling them with harshness so that I could prevent major crashes. Just to find myself in loops of anxiety, frustration and a state of surviving waiting for that one moment my life would magically turn again. Guess what, it didn't happen.


Until it was when I made a choice. To stop fighting against myself, to stop neglecting who I am. To stop reaching for the past but creating my future instead. To show up for myself, to love the heck out of myself in the highs and all the countless lows. To fully own my story, to be accountable and to give my life the respect it truly deserves. I have always been a deeply spiritual person and this deep inner knowing and connection with the higher realms made me go through this with more grace and humility. Things begin to change when you take full self-responsibility.


After all these years there is one thing I know for sure: we shouldn't have to figure it all out on our own, and most of all we shouldn't just accept that this is our 'destiny'. So here I am now wholeheartedly committed to support you on your own journey with chronic illness (physically, mentally, emotionally...) to remember who you truly are, rediscover your confidence and strength and to find that spark for life again. I help you to understand your condition on a deeper root-level, so you can step back into the driver’s seat in your healing journey.

✔ Shift your focus from what you can't do to what you can do


✔ Identify and explore new interests that ignites your purpose and excitement for life


✔ Find new ways to approach your work with more ease and confidence, from managing colleagues, having important conversations or deciding to follow a new path


✔ Learn to listen to the subtle signals what your body needs

✔ Practice mindfulness so you have the mental capacity to pursue new possibilities and create a new reality


✔ Connect with your intuition and heart intelligence, the conduit of your inner wisdom


✔ Create rituals and new habits that serve your highest alignment


✔ Know how to best prepare for appointments and how to continue the integration work on all levels


Learn to experience and feel challenging emotions without them controlling you


Become super empowered to manage your chronic illness with more calm and inner peace and look ahead to the future with faith




In my one-on-one coaching program we work together as a team through your personal mindset roadblocks and energetic blockages that are holding you back from living empowered and with confidence, faith and joy. All while navigating the unknown.


In our calls we establish your personal needs, intentions and tactics to get you exactly there. If you feel ready and excited for massive growth, heart-cantered breakthroughs and stepping into a new you this option is for you. You are so much more than a victim to your circumstances so let's break through limiting beliefs, past wounds and self-worth issues so that you can be unapologetically you while taking care of your health.


Here are some things we can work on: awareness & mindfulness, getting out of control and destructive coping mechanisms, shadow work, getting out of fear and anxiety spirals, connecting to your inner GPS system, building faith and confidence, stepping into your highest alignment.


I will be your Ally as you work through the feelings and emotions associated with your loss of health. I will provide encouragement but also accountability as you start taking aligned action steps into a new you. I want you to feel powerfully confident in who you are, the light and the dark, the vulnerability and the bad**ery. I want you to step authentically into your purpose here on Earth. Because there is no doubt that you have.


This 3-month Program includes...



+ Support, guidance and accountability

+ Coaching session customized to YOU: self-care, heart- & mindset, relationships, mood etc.


Deep dive into symptom management as well as energy management


+ Supporting the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks of chronic illness


Weekly practical exercises, tools, healing rituals to help you reach your goals using a signature holistic, reflective and mindful approach

** IMPORTANT: I am NOT a Doctor or Medical Professional therefore I can't diagnose any conditions or make any recommendations regarding your medication or therapy. This program is NOT meant to replace any medical treatments so please consult your doctor before making any changes. My work focuses on the mental, emotional and energetic level which are the parameters of this program. I am offering this Program in english as well as german.



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