Welcome to Mother Cacao!

Cacao is also known as the fruit of Love or the fruit of the Gods. This sacred plant medicine discovered by the Olmecs of Mesoamerica has served in many ways, e.g. in sacrifices, offerings and ceremonies. In the Aztec and Maya culture in Central and South America cacao has been used for centuries to heal the mental, physical and spiritual body. Back in time cacao was a privilege - only reserved for the elite.

During industrialisation cacao became popular and is nowadays available as cacao powder, cacao butter, chocolate chips, chocolate bars, hot chocolate, chocolate cakes... But what changed over time as well is the quality of cacao and how it is used in mass production for chocolate. Important to know is that Cacao is not comparable to Cocoa, which is a dissolution of the Cacao and cultivated in high heat. Therefore it loses all its beneficial components.


Cacao in its raw form harmonises the body, mind & heart so you feel calmer, lighter, brighter and more connected to yourself and mother earth.


It seems like raw cacao is slowly having a comeback now and the awareness of its true benefits is rising. Cacao nibs or bean to bar chocolate is one way to enjoy raw cacao in a healthier and more sustainable way. If you wish for a deeper holistic experience, a cacao ceremony is a beautiful opportunity to open up to the cacao spirit and its magic.

Cacao - its superpowers & magic of ceremony

Cacao ceremonies vary a lot depending on the ceremony facilitator. Different cacao beans, different ways of preparing the cacao, different setting, different tools... And I promise you, I do it MY WAY! And even if it might be different to anything you imagined or experienced before, one thing for sure: it is a fun, uplifting experience shared in a safe and open community.





  • increases your energy level
  • helps blood circulation & digestion
  • enhances the immune system and lowers cholesterol
  • high level of magnesium and other essential nutrients
  • wonderful activator for Serotonin (reduces stress and activates good mood), Phenylethylamine ("The Love chemical"), Theobromine (Blood Flow, Brain oxygenation) and so much more...




  • boosts your creativity
  • works as a heart-opener
  • assists meditation & inner-work
  • helps to clear any blocked/stuck emotions 
  • bridges the connection to your inner guidance and intuition




  • we usually gather in a circle and open the ceremony by connecting to ourselves, each other, the spirit of cacao and mother earth
  • setting intentions, praying or singing together with heartfelt music
  • a space to enter into meditation and silencing the mind e.g. crystal singing bowls
  • finding connection to yourself, your own power and truth through breathwork and meditation techniques
  • connecting to your inner wisdom and guidance through the help of oracle cards
  • healing therapy - releasing blocks and patterns & following your heart
  • shamanic or spiritual journey
  • balancing masculine and feminine energies in your body




  • wear something comfortable (no shoes but bring some comfy, warm socks)

  • don't eat too much before the ceremony so there's room for the cacao to do its work

  • the cacao elixir used in a cacao ceremony is completely safe to drink and has no hallucinating effect
  • if you are on antidepressants or pregnant please let me know immediately since the mix of cacao and certain antidepressants can have harmful side effects

  • drink enough water during the ceremony as cacao is a diuretic and without proper hydration, you might end up with a headache

In ceremonial dose raw cacao is a magical and powerful heart opener that paves the way to transformation through self-love. The spirit of cacao is the one who opens the window of your heart - then it's up to you to jump!

... are you ready? Stay curious how cacao works for you!