Hi, happy you found me. I want to give your soul a warm welcome here.

At this time, I find my greatest joy in connecting with humans in a real and authentic way. I love connecting one on one.

I consider it an honor to be invited into your world and to know you on a deeper level.





I am here to support you. I specialize in helping people with chronic illnesses, chronic pain and emotional pain. I decided to use what I learned on my journey over the last 8 years to help you having the best life you possibly can. Together we find answers to the question: How can I live an unlimited life while facing limited circumstances?

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I give you the understanding you need but that you often don’t get from your close friends or family. I also give you tools to help you change your attitudes and take care of yourself much better – and I give you the support you need, especially in the beginning, to use these tools in a healthy and sustainable way.

My support is empowering and empathetic, authentic and vulnerable, practical and intuitive

and for sure 100% pure heart-based.

Finding the root cause for a chronic condition often feels like playing puzzle. You think it's sheer not doable but still step by step you find a piece that fits until this very moment you put the one that links everything and you can finally see the whole picture.

Our work together will incorporate a special blend of the following puzzle pieces and we see which one fits best when & where:

  • Emotional support & spiritual counseling
  • Coaching tools and exercises
  • Personality psychology & typology systems
  • Integrative shadow work
  • Guided meditations & journeys
  • Oracle card readings
  • Channeled messages and insights

Let's cocreate your heart-centered life together. I support you to move through life transitions and help you to navigate them with more ease, flow and courage, one small step at a time. You will learn how to drop from your head into your heart, trust the unknown and take action with certainty and confidence.

  • to hold up a mirror so you can see yourself more clearly and validate the truths you already know in your heart
  • to serve as a safe and loving witness to the fullness of your human experience, holding space for you in the rollercoaster of life, in your joys and sorrows, your fears and frustrations, your darkness and your light
  • to share the information you most need to know for your highest good at this time in your journey
  • to invite illuminating self-reflection and support you in shining your authentic life more and more

My 1:1 Soul Sessionsare are possible in a personal offline setting in Munich or online as well. Please be aware that I am not a doctor or professional therapist and therefore encourage you to see a professional doctor for any health related issues.


  • 1 Session à 90min - 120€
  • 3 Sessions à 90min - 330€
  • ongoing support over 6 sessions à 90min - 660€

In the midst of challenge and pain you might ask yourself: Will I get through this?

... with my unwavering support, I make sure you do!