Body, Mind, HEART & Spirit

I look forward to connecting with you, learning your story and supporting you on your own path through my various offerings.


To make sure I can assist and help you in the best possible way, I want you to know:

...the deep foundation of my work is that with everything I do I'm showing you the power within YOU, it's not about me. You alone can help yourself. please be aware and prepare yourself: you are not going to have a session with me, you are seeing me to have a session with yourself. I am facilitating and holding the space for your soul.


...healing and change in all fields of life is, above all, a solo task. We can assist others, but no one can heal or change on behalf of another person. there are two different attitudes towards power: active and passive. With a passive attitude of "just do it to me", you will never fully heal or change. You may recover and make progress but you may never fully deal with the source and power that's waiting within you to be seen and released.


...using a holistic approach I support and guide you to discover and remember the active power within you and how to use it to face and overcome challenges: emotionally, mentally, physically as well as spiritually.

One thing for sure, this is not about choosing me, this is about choosing yourself first.


I am ready when you are ready. The moment you decide to take the first step, I'll be there.


I don’t think we have time to fool aound and play victims. If you want to work with me I will go to the war/wall with you but I won’t help you to play small. I won’t stand with you continuing to say you are to small, you are to helpless or that you can’t shift. You get to choose and to commit and I can support you. But I can’t support you at that place of still playing small if that’s what you want



How do we language this to reach the people who are not yet into self help


 You are not stuck, your heart knows what to do. The question is: are you ready to connect to your heart?

... when you give yourself permission, everything changes!