Hi, I'm Anna & I am delighted that you're here!

Who am I? Life Coach? Spiritual Mentor? Wellpreneur? Chronical Illness Warrior?

 ... well, I'm everything I choose to be. I prefer not to define myself by a label. I'm all of it and none of it at the same time. It's simple as that, I just am. As you and everyone else on this magical planet I am an infinite being in a body, I'm energy in motion. Where my attention goes my energy flows. I listen to my heart and my intuition. When I meet you, my higher self meets your higher self and I ask: how can I serve you in the best way, now in this present moment?


If you wish for someone who listens to you, I will be silent. If you wish to identify your blocks, I will ask the right questions. If you wish to connect to your higher self, I will show you how to open your heart. If you wish to work with some tools, I will take my cards, pen & paper.



But most of all: I’m fabulously flawed, perfectly imperfect and trust deeply that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.


The only way out – is through!


I know that whatever life throws at me, I will get through it and come out the other side stronger and more equipped to move forward to live a fulfilling and purposeful journey called life – no matter the circumstances.


Change is the one constant in life.


Life is a never ending evolving process with yourself transitioning from one experience to the next: sometimes painful, sometimes pleasurable, but believe it or not, always for your greater growth.


Being calm in the face of uncertainties.


Plan for every possibility! We tend to believe that whenever we are thrown into the unknown and the space of uncertainty something bad is about to happen. The moment we are out of our comfort zone we are afraid. But in the end it's quite simple. Because it's the unknown, you don't know what is going to happen. There is a chance it might me unpleasant but the same chance exists it might be pleasant. So let yourself be taken away by the river of change.


What we need on the individual as well as the collective level is honest connection and support through each other. From my own personal journey I know one thing for sure: no matter what is being transformed, I am grateful for the guidance of all those who've lovingly walked beside me on my path!

...and I feel a great sense of joy and fulfillment about serving you in the same way!