Anna Maria von der Grün

It's time to drop from your head into your heart ~ find faith and joy in the midst of uncertainty


Courage is a love affair with the unknown.

- Osho -

The unknown is not polite, knocks on your door and asks:

"Excuse me do you have some time for me?". No.

It rather bashes into your life unexpectedly.


So, the question is not how to avoid it but how to deal with it. How to deal with the loss of a family member or loved one, how to face reality when you become chronically ill, how to surf the ups and downs of life. Physically, mentally and emotionally. And there are some strategies that can help.


The most substantial growth occur in the shocks of life.


Shocks often deal with unwanted changes of circumstances and therefore a subsequent loss. Shocks are plainly negative in nature, they usually lead to see oneself as a victim and an overhelming sense of injustice arises, but shocks can also serve to catapult us into inner growth. Maybe this horrific time you are going through is the setup for the grace that follows. The wisdom of uncertainty is the faith that it will unfold in a beautiful way.


I believe that in every breakdown lies a breakthrough. 



Body, Mind, HEART & Spirit

This moving away from comfort and security, this stepping into what is unknown, uncharted and shaky - that's called liberation.

- Pema Chödrön -