You are being called. We are being called. The time is now.


Why now? Because now more than ever before it’s time for us to consciously relate with ourselves, one another & mother earth in a compassionate, heart centered and empowering way.


Hi love,


when you read this, the first thing I want you to know is: You weren't put on this earth to just settle and survive. You were put on this earth to SHINE and THRIVE.


This is the wake up call we’ve been waiting for. It’s time for the next step in our evolution. We are living in an extraordinary time, a time of initiation. A time of awakening that causes a lot of disruption on every level. We have more questions than answers, and we can’t use the past to predict the future. We need a radically different approach to what our human experience is about.


Everything is crumbling, the unknown is becoming the ‘new normal’. Everything is in the ‘unknown’. Not just one thing. Everything. Everything is changing. Nothing will be like it was before in our society. And personally, I think that’s a great thing. Saying that it is also a moment of loss, deep healing and deep rest. A time to stop, look around, see how this world is changing, and be in awe of it. A chance to let our hearts break open, open to the unknown while having the faith that it will unfold in a beautiful way.


So what might feel like the biggest threat at the moment might be the biggest chance in our lifetime. Because in every breakdown lies a breakthrough.


And this is just the beginning, the beginning of a new paradigm, a new earth. So let’s get ready to rewrite this story. Let’s get ready to change our level of consciousness. Let’s get ready to move evolution forwards. Because you, me, WE are all in this together, we are all co-creating this world and society. We are all in a human body on this journey, called life.


It’s now up to us to cut through the fear and the illusions and to bring more compassion to the collective! Because it’s in the space of togetherness that we evolve. You, me, let's ask ourselves: who do we want to be as a human being during these times? This is going to define who we are in the future.


Know thyself. Be authentic. Be your true self. Live your true life. Understand what it means to act on your passion. This is your magnetic compass needle in these times. Remember who you are and then take conscious action from your heart.


There are always two sides of a coin. And in between is free will. So either you choose to be just a drop in the ocean or to be the entire ocean in a single drop. In the midst of chaos beauty can emerge. Because the old is the compost for our tomorrow. What a blessing to be part of this change.


Thank you for showing up. For yourself & for others. And welcome to my space for game-changers, risk takers and sacred rebels.


This moving away from comfort and security, this stepping into what is unknown, uncharted and shaky - that's called liberation.

- Pema Chödrön -